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Vehicle Inspection


A like-new vehicle you’ll like a lot.

Perfection is in the details. That’s why every Certified Pre-owned Volkswagen undergoes a 112-point inspection and is thoroughly examined before it can be part of the Volkswagen Assurance or Assurance Premium program. Nothing escapes our technicians’ scrutiny – they’re determined to give you the Volkswagen certified vehicle you deserve.

History and performance

First, Volkswagen technicians look at critical factors like age, mileage and maintenance history, before conducting a road test to evaluate the vehicle’s performance. This is followed by more tests for components like the cooling system and battery.

Quality and appearance

Next, our technicians thoroughly examine the interior, exterior and underbody to detect any imperfections. The final step involves touch-ups to the paint and body, and the update of the maintenance record among other measures that aim to make the vehicle like new.

Why 112 points? We want to make sure our Volkswagen Certified Pre-owned vehicles perform like our new ones.