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The All-New 2015 Golf GTI

Starting from $27,9951

The hot hatch just got hotter.

You could call us biased, but we think the completely redesigned 2015 Golf GTI is hotter than ever. It’s lighter, faster, has more torque, and is still easy on fuel. And as the pilot, or passenger, in this rocket1, you’ll also have the very latest Volkswagen technology at your fingertips. The completely redesigned infotainment system is standard, as are Bluetooth® and SiriusXM satellite radio. There are even two driving modes to suit your mood. And it’s all trimmed with the classic red-stitched GTI interior and distinctive red brake calipers. In short, it’s what you’d expect from a GTI.  Only hotter.
lbs/ft torque
MQB Platform
The basic building block of any vehicle is “the platform”. The 2015 Golf GTI is the first Volkswagen to be built on our extremely advanced, German-engineered MQB platform. It’s lighter and stronger, so that means better efficiency and performance. The design of the MQB also results in a Golf that has more passenger room and cargo space. And finally, advances in technology allow the MQB platform to be less complex than previous versions, which means we can build a Golf for less. And sell it for less.

The Highlights

Direct Steering

In a nutshell, Direct Steering senses how fast you’re travelling, making the wheel easier to turn at lower speeds and more responsive at higher speeds.
2015 Golf GTI steering wheel

Automatic Post Collision Braking

This new safety feature activates the brakes after an initial hit to help prevent chain-reaction collisions.
2015 Golf GTI collision braking

Driving Profile Selection

Using the touchscreen in the dash, you can choose between two different drive settings. In the standard setting, the car is optimized for a balance of responsiveness and efficiency. In sport mode, the steering and transmission adjust for a more
sporty drive.
2015 Golf GTI touchscreen dash

Rain Sensing Wipers2

Light showers or torrential downpour, the speed of the wipers adjusts to the intensity of the rain.
2015 Golf GTI rain sensing wipers

Rear Assist

As soon as you shift gears to reverse, a camera pops out from behind the VW nameplate on the rear hatch to give you a full view of what’s going on back there.
2015 Golf GTI rear view camera

Ambient Interior Lighting

The new interior LED lights put less stress on the car’s electrical system, use less energy, and save you fuel.
2015 Golf GTI interior lights