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The 2015 Golf steals the show!

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As fans, followers and Volkswagen drivers, we wanted to take you behind the scenes to see first-hand what goes into making a commercial for the cars we know and love.

From watching our commercials, you can see that we approach ad making differently from the other guys. Here at Volkswagen, we want to tell stories about our drivers and cars that are relatable and also resonate with our audiences.  To us, it’s not just about what goes into the car, it’s also about who’s in and who will be in our cars.

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Celebrating the 2015 Volkswagen Golf

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What a week it was for Volkswagen and its icon, the Golf.

The annual Auto Show season kicks off in Detroit each January and this year’s show was special for Volkswagen as the all-new, 7th generation Golf was named “North American Car of the Year”.  The honour was bestowed by the 57 Canadian and American judges of the annual award.

Just four days later, at the Montreal Auto Show, the accolades continued with the Golf being named “Best of the Best” by the Canadian Automotive Jury, a panel of well-known Canadian Auto journalists.

Later that same day, the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) named the Golf as one of the finalists for their annual “Car of the Year” award.  The announcement of the outright winner will take place at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto.

All-in-all, it was a very busy… and extremely rewarding week for the Golf. Since its introduction last summer, the Golf has set all kinds of sales records.  Journalists have noted the Golf’s refinement, fun-to-drive character and solid value, and we are quite proud that Canadian consumers seem to agree!

A Year of Volkswagen Enthusiast Shows

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I attended the Berlin Klassik show in Kitchener last month and was able to show off some new accessories for the All-New 2015 Golf. Volkswagen Canada put together a “Trendline” 2015 Golf with some of the coolest accessories like the skirt kits, 19” twin spoke rims, rear centre exhaust, and many other parts that are all available through the Volkswagen parts department.

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First Time’s a Charm: Test Driving the 2015 Golf and GTI


Bright and early on a Friday morning a few weeks ago Volkswagen Canada held their Golf Driving Experience media day in Toronto. Formerly known as the VW Freedriving Tour this year opted to focus the attention on the All-New 2015 Golf and Golf GTI. Known among enthusiasts as the Golf VII, the 2015 model is a highly anticipated refresh of the Golf line featuring with some incredible improvements to the flagship car.

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2014 Wörthersee Festival: A Brief History of the GTI

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In 1976, when a small group of Volkswagen engineers hopped-up a Golf in the basement of the main Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, they not only created a new car, but a whole new segment. Their “project” car became the GTI, and though it was not an “official” project, Volkswagen built 5,000 of them that year, and they sold out very quickly.

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Driven: 2013 Volkswagen Golf R

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With a price tag that tops $40,000, the 2013 Golf R is the most expensive Golf in history. But it is also the fastest, most refined and best equipped. This is the pinnacle of the current Golf line (and the last).…Read this article