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The 2015 Tiguan

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It should come as no surprise that the compact sport utility segment is one of the fastest growing in the entire Canadian automotive market.

Combining excellent interior space for passengers and cargo alike with a “go-anywhere” personality has made these vehicles a favourite, and this year’s brutal winter weather in much of the country has made their all-wheel-drive capabilities all-the-more desirable.

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Winter Accessories

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Winter BlogVW_Winter_Blog_Feature_615x233

As Canadians, we don’t complain about winter- we embrace it. We don’t look forward to the snow melting – we turn snow in to art. We don’t hibernate all winter – we go outside to enjoy the brisk cold of our country. We attack winter – we don’t let winter attack us. Read this article

Volkswagen’s 2014 Year In Review

2015 Golf in NYC day
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2015 Golf in NYC dayDer neue Volkswagen Golf Variant

I am very pleased to announce that Volkswagen Canada has achieved our 5th consecutive record sales year.  Outside of the obvious significance of this event comes the emotional impact…we now have more “Volkswagen Fans” than ever before and could not be prouder!

This truly has been the “year of the Golf” for us in Canada.  In the spring, the all-new, 7th generation Golf and GTI made their way to our market.  After winning countless international awards, the new Golf was enthusiastically welcomed by the motoring press and consumers alike.  The cars have quite literally been “flying off of the shelves”, and the accolades continue to pour in.  Recently, the Golf was named a finalist for both “Canadian Car of the Year” and “North American Car of the Year”.  We won’t find out until the New Year if our Golf has taken home top honours, but are confident that our customers have received the best Golf ever.

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2014 WRC Wrap-Up

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P1010489P1010531VW Polo-R WRCPolo R WRC TestPolo R WRC TestPolo R WRC TestVW Polo-R WRCFIA World Rally Championship, TestRally Monte Carlo 2013Rally Monte Carlo 2013Rally Monte Carlo 2013Header-Imagennov

As long as there have been cars, people have been “hopping them up” and taking them to the races.  There are road races, oval races, drag races and races we don’t even know what to call.  One form of racing seems to do a good job of combining all types into one, and that is rally racing.  In a rally, drivers pilot their cars over hill and dale, sometimes on roads, sometimes through the mud, and sometimes in the craziest weather you have ever seen. At the top of the rally mountain is the WRC, the World Rally Championship. And at the top of the WRC is Volkswagen.

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A Year of Volkswagen Enthusiast Shows

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BK-71photo 3photo 4photoimage5image11image8image13image10image15Our dispalyour display 2Adrian SquiresAlexHeader-Image5

I attended the Berlin Klassik show in Kitchener last month and was able to show off some new accessories for the All-New 2015 Golf. Volkswagen Canada put together a “Trendline” 2015 Golf with some of the coolest accessories like the skirt kits, 19” twin spoke rims, rear centre exhaust, and many other parts that are all available through the Volkswagen parts department.

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First Time’s a Charm: Test Driving the 2015 Golf and GTI


Bright and early on a Friday morning a few weeks ago Volkswagen Canada held their Golf Driving Experience media day in Toronto. Formerly known as the VW Freedriving Tour this year opted to focus the attention on the All-New 2015 Golf and Golf GTI. Known among enthusiasts as the Golf VII, the 2015 model is a highly anticipated refresh of the Golf line featuring with some incredible improvements to the flagship car.

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